“Salt & Pepper Mills Handcrafted in Elegant Designs
  from Rare and Exotic Hardwoods”.
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Aphrodite: I think the name says it all. A very classical shape with more voluptuous proportions, this is the design that started it all for Bruce. The shape is elegant and the larger size makes it suitable for someone with larger hands or someone who wants something that feels substantial.

Baluster: This design is a little more dramatic with the “cascading coves" in the base of the mill. This shape can be effective for showcasing wild figure in wood.

Luxor: This design was inspired by the columns of the Luxor temple in Egypt, which in turn were modeled after lotus stems. Some feel that this classic shape is the most comfortable to hold and turn.

Moderna: People describe this design as “sleek and modern” and it is hard to disagree. Especially popular with women, this versatile design will look good with any décor from ultra-modern to more traditional.

We manufacture both Salt & Pepper Mills and about 3/4 of our customers purchase matched sets rather than a single. Prices are determined only by the wood selected and can range from as little as $150 for a single to as much as
$1,600 for a set in an ultra-rare wood such as Amboyna or Snakewood.

If you look closely you can see that for the mill designs with a flat area on the base (not Moderna) the Pepper Mill remains flat while the Salt Mill is slightly concave. (If you would like information on the recommended care for our mills, reference the "About" tab for document.
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